Cornell Alumni Association of Central New York
Officers and Board of Directors 2011-2012
CAACNY encourages all Central New York Cornell Alumni and friends to pass along ideas and suggestions for new programs or how we might improve what we currently do. Whether you have a suggestion or simply need a question answered, please contact us at
Christa Glazier ‘01, President
Garrett Redmond ’04, Secretary
Courtney Armbruster ‘99, Vice President
Jim Hyla ‘67, Treas./Scholarship Chair
Mike Alexander ‘02
Chris Bianchi ’04
Brenda Cannizzaro ‘08
Cecelia Cannon ’03
David Duerr ‘77
Katie Duerr ’11
Janet Fallon ’76
Dallas Fischer ’05
Lauren Keeler ’11
Laurie Kelly ‘80
Jim Miller, CAAAN Chair ’69
Max Moore ’05
Doug Needham ’04
Brian Platt ’02
Mike Stein ’04
Lindsay Wickham ‘04
Ashley Wilson ‘07